Saturday, October 18, 2008

Video Days (a skateboarding video)

In 1991, pro skateboarder Mark Gonzales recruited four more pro skateboarders, including Jason Lee, to film a move called Video Days, directed by Spike Jonze. This was through Gonzales's skateboarding company, Blind Skateboards.

This video shows Lee's part in the video. He's about 21 years old here. And just like in the last video I posted, he's got something goofy to say.

UPDATE: YouTube took the sound out of this video due to some copyright infringement. This seems unfair, as the band that made the song isn't even well known. I'm all for respecting copyright laws, but I don't get how this benefits anyone. If you search diligently, you may be able to find intact clips of Video Days online. Chances are, people will post them, they will get taken down, then people will post more, etc.

If you want a little more background on the video, here's the Wikipedia page:

Video Days Wikipedia Page

By the way, if you like the first song, it's called "The Knife Song" and it's by a band called Milk. I don't know if they're still around.


P.S. Watch out for the third video, Lee's part in the Sonic Youth video 100%.

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