Thursday, May 28, 2009


In 1999, the same year Jason Lee played evil demon Azrael in Dogma, he had one of his best roles: naive computer billionaire Skip Skipperton in Mumford. Sweet Skip is the polar opposite of Azrael.

For the longest time, I could find absolutely nothing on this movie, but someone posted a trailer on YouTube fairly recently:

There's not a whole lot of Lee in this minute-long video, but that's because the movie boasts a wonderful ensemble cast.

Do watch out for the skateboarding computer genius (when you see a guy skateboarding, that's Skip/Lee). And wait for the end - Skip has the last line and it's one of the funniest in the film (although it's funnier when you see it in the movie).

The movie itself is entertaining and enjoyable if you can ignore the ethical questions it raises, then tosses aside. If you're a Lee fan, it's definitely worth renting.

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